We are social entrepreneurs committed to creatively tackling challenging problems in Pursuit of Happiness

-- recognizing that values-based living and leadership is a Pursuit that is never complete and that Happiness is the deeply satisfying experience of living, learning and loving fully.



Hopscotch is a timeless game that exemplifies our belief that a joyful life requires a desire to play and a willingness to make a mark on the earth.  As in life, success in Hopscotch requires balance, strategy, and focused effort.  

Hopscotch (Rayuela) is also the name of the classic counter-novel by Julio Cortázar, which can be read in different sequences of chapters. Cortázar's novel challenges us to playfully recognize that our narrative can change depending on the conscious (& unconscious) choices we make as readers and writers.  We seek to make conscious choices in Pursuit of Happiness for ourselves and those around us. 


Our Founder

Hopscotch Ventures was founded by Victor Reinoso. The son of Peruvian immigrants, Victor grew up in a Spanish-only household, where he shared a raucous, one-bedroom with his fabulous four brothers. His parents instilled in him a deep respect for American ingenuity, the power of education & entrepreneurship, and the importance of community. Victor's eclectic experience includes stints in electoral politics, theatre, education and technology. As Deputy Mayor of the District of Columbia, Victor oversaw the schools modernization program - the largest capital investment in public buildings in DC history. Victor has served as Senior Advisor to the President of Georgetown University, and has worked as a strategy consultant to leading media brands (AOL, Verizon, PBS). Victor has helped found multiple non-profit and for-profit ventures.  Victor is an Eagle Scout and a member of the Aspen Global Leaders Network; he has a bachelor's degree in International Relations from Georgetown University and an MBA from the MIT Sloan School of Management.